Movie Review: If I Stay

Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you!

We got cuti for 3 days alhamdulillah but still, there are stacks of homeworks to do and I've done 4/5 of it. And a hiwar text to be remembered. Lets skip the mukaddimah, can I?

So, the last 1-week holiday, I watched a lot of new movies and one of it is this. If I stay. Well, movie ni sudah lama ditayangkan actually but I just downloaded it that week so.. that's it.

This story is tragic. It's about Mia Hall, who just had an accident resulting to a lot of loss in her life. Now, she's experiencing an out-body-experience and she will be deciding whether her body will die or live. There are a lot of flashbacks in this movie, the ups and the downs. But the flashbacks are more about her complicated love story with a boy in a band, Adam. When she's losing so much in her life, she also has her best friend, her family and Adam. She has a lot to reason to go, but there are also a lot of reason to stay.

The main reason I watched this was because Chloe Grace Moretz and one of the characters is named Adam (I'm so obsessed with that name). I can't say that I love the movie, but I don't hate it either. It is somehow good, but maybe the tragic things that happen in this movie making it hard for me to completely love it. I love Adam, but in the same time I hate him. I hate what Mia and Adam doing to each other. But what I hate the most is the loss in Mia's life. It's so devastating. If I'm in her shoes, I think I'll prefer to just go. 

And the soundtracks are so so so nice! I love it so much. Some songs that I keep playing on repeat from the soundtracks album are:

  1. Halo - Ann Brun, Linnea Olson.
  2. Today - Willamette Stone
  3. Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone
  4. Heal - Tom Odell
  5. Promise - Ben Howard

I give this movie 3.8/5 stars. Probably romantic drama doesn't fit me so much. But to the people who love romance movies who make you cry out loud, maybe you should try this. I didn't cry but even Titanic never makes me cry so...

Here's the trailer:

Pyps. xoxo

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