How To Make Everyone Love You (You Don't)

Of course the only reason I'm putting this gif here because of Blair Waldorf.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

This week is one of typical week as usual. Homeworks, presentation, extra class, not getting enough sleep, feeling tired. One word to describe my week? Bliss (note the sarcasm).

I'm gonna talk about something that we can't change, read the title. 
Obviously, humans are not perfect. There is no human in this world that is perfect. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. They are not perfect. Everybody has their own flaws including that was hidden perfectly by the flaw owner.

When you change everything, every single thing about yourself, that you're not sure that you love the change or not, don't you realize, that even if you change everything about yourself, that tidak-sedar-diri hater will still exist? I bet you know it, it's just you don't want to accept that fact. 

Even if you're beautiful and smart and nice and religious and whatever so on, that hater will still exist in your life. I don't know why, maybe that's lumrah for humans? Because there are certain people that have this kind of feeling that urging to find someone else's flaw instead for fixing their own flaws? Jealousy? That's it. You can't satisfy everyone. And everyone wouldn't satisfy you. Sometimes they didn't understand. Sometimes you're the only one who understand.  

Sometimes you're the one who wrong. Come on, you're not always right. People learn something from their mistakes. So, go ask them for their forgiveness and try to fix it. Some flaws need to be fixed, some are too natural and you can't fix it. You're not perfect. But if you keep doing the same mistake, and saying that you're being you, you're not perfect I think that's wrong. I told you. Some of it should be fixed on your way of becoming a better person.

So, segala yang baik itu datang daripada Allah, dan segala yang buruk itu datang dari diri saya sendiri. Assalamualaikum and farewell.

"Sometimes the people around won't understand your journey. They don't need to, it's not for them."


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