Assalamualaikum dan helo.

Sebenarnya I had just finished my first and last k-drama marathon after PT3. I was planning for more, but since the situation isn't really approving, so maybe after SPM. Btw, the drama's title is Full House, I bet that most of you had watched it. That drama sudah lama terperuk dalam my Ma's laptop but I was too busy and lazy sehinggalah kelmarin.

Our school actually planned a lot of stuff for the 2015 PT3 candidates. 
Sure, it annoys me, but since I'll be missing school when I'm not a school student anymore, so screw it. The programs are extremely boring but I will try not to care.

Some of the programs are:

Kem Jati Diri (KJD)

Tajuknya sangat mengharukan, begitu juga dengan pengisiannya. Hari Jumaat setelah habis saja PT3, we were given a taklimat about this beautiful but cruel activity. And Saturday, the program started. It was tiring, fun, refreshing and face sunburning. And now it had ended, I'm sad, but relieved.


Aktiviti yang sangat indah dan mendamaikan buat manusia-manusia bergelar pelajar, right? We were forced asked to study the form 4's subjects as a persediaan. I love studying. But the timing isn't right yet. But since this program is good for me, then I'll follow the flows :)

My plans: belajar main gitar, belajar masak, books, books, books, movies, movies, movies, k-dramas, k-dramas, k-dramas, dramas, dramas, dramas. And more. So relaxing and fun.

Pyps. xo

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