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She's an annoying and immature person.
Such an abnormal human being.
Such a fool.
Talking about the hopeless dreams hopelessly.
Talking about something you couldn't figure out what.
Singing her own lyrics of a song that she counts as her masterpiece.
Remembering every single moments.
She's not understandable.

So she doesn't deserve your attention.
So you left her behind the door, 
In the dark, lonely room.

So she doesn't deserve your attention.
For you think like a genius,
And act like an angel.
For you're a saint,
And she's a sinful sinner.

So you think she doesn't need any attention.
Because you think that a person like her,
With her childish way of thinking,
Couldn't think anything besides her dreams.

And in the end,
You live happily ever after,
Leaving a girl that is dying inside but says nothing.
Leaving a girl that never gets the attention she needs.
So you live happily ever after.

To you who live happily,
She thanked you.

Pyps. x

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