Nabila's 2016 Books Wishlist


Since last year, I've been trying to read more books. English books specifically. So I watched a lot of booktube videos, signed up for Goodreads and added a lot of books to my to-be-read list. There were tons of book added to the list and I was really excited. Hence this post is created to list the books I really want to own and read this year.

01. The Mortal Instruments series.

I watched City of Bones a while ago and loved it so much. I really hope they will make the movie sequel too, but it seems like they're not. Therefore, I want to buy this series to know what will happen to Clary next.

02. If I Stay duology.

I mentioned If I Stay in one of my posts before. Now that I know that there's a sequel to If I Stay, I would love to know what happen after the ending. I'm curious.

03. Anna and the French Kiss.

I've heard nothing but good reviews about it hence, I want to read it. In addition, the story sets in Paris, City of Love! A love story sets in Paris? I'm in for it.

04. Gone Girl.

I've seen a lot of people quoting this book and it seems interesting. I also want to try a thriller book, so why not?

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