New Year Speech


Hello to you and happy new year! I think it's not too late to say happy new year. 2016, I'm going to be 15 this year. So many things happened, and I can't be more excited and curious about what's next in my life. This year, I'll be a upper secondary school student. It feels like I was just a form 1 student yesterday.

When a new year comes, it's natural that people automatically think about some new changes they want to make in their life. Majority people have their own goals for this new year. Maybe some people just continue to achieve their last year's goal and maybe add one or two new goal, and some others make a completely new goal list.

I hope that all of us can do our best to at least achieve half of our goals. Lets us together try hard to be a better person than we are today. May this year be the year we become the best version of ourselves. May Allah ease everything for us, aamiin.

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