New Year Speech

Hello to you. To everybody. To the new year, the new chapter of our life. Lets welcome this year with a vision of better us. Today is January 2nd, 2016. Not too late, right? 

New years selalunya menggambarkan changes. Selalu orang akan pasang azam sebelum tahun baru. Including me. And orang pasang azam selalunya to be a better person kan? Tapi on my opinion lah, if you want to change, you don't have to wait tahun baru pun. You could change in the middle of April, in the midnight if you want to. But I guess most of people wait for new year to change. Lagi bersemangat, kononnya. 

It's not wrong. It's your life, you change when you want to, when you're ready, in your own ways. And some changes memang hanya boleh buat time new year. 

I don't know lah kalau orang boleh faham apa yang saya taip nih -,-'

I change every time I think I should. Tapi that doesn't prevent me to have a new year resolution kan? New year bucket list. 

I want to be healthier. Drink water more, exercise more, stay organized more, relax more. I also want to save my allowance so that I can buy a lot of things. And I love money. And I'm trying to be more kedekut untuk beli makanan sebab I love money. Well, macam mana mau hidup kalau tiada duit kan, kalau menurut akal sihat. *Materialistic me* I want to explore more. I don't want to be so cowardice anymore. I want to beat the wave. 

Tomorrow is hari pendaftaran asrama. And since I don't live there anymore, for several reasons yang boleh saya nyatakan di sini untuk mempertahankan diri saya dan rata-ratanya adalah tepat dan benar tapi kenyataannya I love it more at home. Sebab lebih selesa, family ada sini (walaupun hari-hari bertekak), I have my guitar here, my music here, my books here. And these things and people are my home. I don't want to live at place where I don't feel like I'm home.

Yalah, asrama kan. Orang lain pun tinggal asrama juga. Orang lain pun rasa yang sama juga.

The reason that I don't feel like I'm home is one of the reasons, but not the main reason. And I don't wanna talk about it now.

School school school school high school high school form four form four senior senior senior new classmates new classmates new classmates.

I love school. And I'm excited to be a high school student. And a new class, and new classmates. But whatever. I don't want to go to school. Yet.

That's all from me. Assalamualaikum and adios.

Pypaa. xoxo

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