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Hey. Tomorrow's Monday. I don't know what's gonna be, and I don't really want to know. I'm just going to follow the flow. For what I'm going through right now is written by the greatest writer. 

Maybe, it's going to be shitty again. I'm going to fuck something up and end up weeping for my mistakes. Maybe again, I'd be frustrated by some people or disappoint some people.

Or maybe, this week is going to be nice. I'll laugh again. I'll smile and I'll write everything that I'm grateful of, it's going to be okay with the good weather; not so hot and not too cold. Maybe this time I'll actually gain confidence I never had and I'm going to be awfully happy. But that's like a sunny day before a hurricane right?

But a week will always contain from both sides, the bad and the good. Life isn't always beautiful, but that doesn't mean my life is bad right?

So to you who reads this the night before tomorrow,

I'll hope and pray for your happiness through this week.
May He ease your way through success in this world and the afterlife.
I'll hope that the traffic jam isn't that bad,
I'll pray that you'll not over-snooze your alarm,
I'll hope and pray that your hard works pay you equally.

I want you to know, even if you think you're alone, you're not.
There are some people for you and waiting for you,
It's just that maybe it's not the time yet.
When the time comes, they'll meet you and you'll not be alone anymore.

I want to know you're loved.
You are not perfect, and not everybody loves you,
But some people love you,
And all that love is enough and better than the fake loves that some people give.

So to you who reads this the night before tomorrow,
Good luck.
Eat, pray, live, love and laugh.

Farewell from the other side, xoxoxoxo.


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