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For you people and for future me.

Another week is going to start tomorrow. People often talk about Monday like it's so bad (except when Monday is a public holiday) and me too, not looking forward for Mondays. It's the beginning of a week, and I'm always nervous about it. What if I mess up this week? What if this week's gonna be the worst week? Negative thinking, that's what it is. And negative thinking is not a good thing to start a week with.

So I write this for me and for you guys.

Some days are going to be good, and some are going to be bad. That's how life is, a roller coaster. If you're always thinking about what might gone wrong, what good would it bring you? Not happiness, certainly. But if you try to look forward more for what good things this week stores for you, at least you'll not be this robot-like human just trying to get through another week.

Last week might be bad, but who can be so certain about what's gonna happen next. Maybe if this week is bad too, there'll be much beautiful reward for you the next week. After all, the one who writes our stories is the Greatest writer, and He loves his creations.

For this week and the weeks after that,
I hope that you and me will be happy.
I hope that He eases our way in this world.
I hope that we don't over-snooze our alarm and not wake up late.
I hope that we don't forget the important things for the day.
I hope that the traffic jam isn't so bad, making you late.
I hope that our hard works worth it and we'll get rewards as great as our hard works.

And if you're feeling alone, please know you're not. If you have a problem, you can share it with me. I'm here to listen. If you think you'll never find that one person who'll listen to you and lend you their shoulders, please know that that person exists somewhere, it's just you haven't found them yet. When the time comes, you will meet them and you'll finally feel less alone.

If you're feeling unloved, please know that you're loved. It's easy to say when you don't know me personally and see my flaws, you might say. But you're loved, not by everyone but some people love you. If not, there is one person that loves you. And this love is enough, and much precious than fake loves that some people show.

So for you guys who read this,
all the best for tomorrow and the days after that.

Lots and infinity of love,
Pypaa. xoxo

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