Week Wrap Up: Too Tired


Hari ini beta agak over-excited sebab lama sudah tidak rehat begini. Sobs. 3 minggu berturut-turut no rest jadi siapa tidak penat kan? With the homeworks, and dealing with annoying siblings and annoying friends, adapting the new routine, digesting every new maths and add maths formulas, physics, new format for new kind of essays, another hukum, dalil, ayat al-Quran to be remembered, and I'm tired.

But you need to get through a sea of thorns if you choose to be in the rose garden kan? It's up to you to make the space in the garden larger or vice versa. Nampak kah metaforanya di sana? *ceh*

I also developed a new everyday-drink-routine. I need to drink a cup of coffee every morning to make sure I'm not going to have migraine, and not to sleep in the class.

I had a lot of assignments this week since Monday. And need to be sent today morning. I did almost everything last minute sebab my everyday-before-fajr-homeworks-time plan wasn't really working. I did some of the homeworks tapi in the end bukan semua siap Y_Y

I borrowed 4 books from town library last week tapi satu pun belum habis baca. And I think almost every teacher yang masuk kelas kami realize that all of us are really tired. Like really worn off. Exhausted. 

So, basically, this week is all about assignments, formulas, studying, notes, coffee, coffee, coffee, foods, foods, books, books, eye bags, eye bags, tired, exhausted and being punched by life in my eyes.

But whatever. In order to grow up, like plants, we need to get through the change of weathers, being stomped on, and rain. 

That's all and all.

Farewell to the other side. Assalamualaikum.

Lots of love,
Pyps. xoxoxo

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  1. Yeah,i'm totally agree with u.
    For we to become mature and strong,adverse weather of life is a must that we have to accept to face through :-)


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