I Hate 2016's Wednesdays

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Wednesday have always been the most bad day in each week and I'm used to it.

I kind of expected the worst every Wednesday. 

Like today.

Every Wednesday, co-curricular meetings will be held but that's not exactly the reason why every Wednesday is the most bad day in each week.

It's just most of bad thing happens in Wednesday. Since last year. Maybe it's just a coincidence but I suspect that it's a curse. Lol hahaha.

But today, it is one of the worsts. 

First of all. Like I said, today, Wednesday is the day of co-curricular meetings will be held. And since it's January, our meeting's objective is to have the new leaders. Pengerusi, naib pengerusi, setiausaha, bendahari and blah blah blah. And today, we had two meetings, one for kelab&persatuan and another one for sukan&permainan. I was quite excited when I went to kelab&persatuan's meeting sebab we're one of the elders now, even if we're not the eldest. 

But when it comes to sukan&permainan, I actually expected myself not to be seen, as I always been invisible to them. But it turned out to be the opposite one. This time the boys really got me on my nerves. They are boys, they play around, I understand that very well because I live with boys. 4 boys. But they shouldn't just say anybody's name out loud when they don't actually mean it. 

They shouldn't play with anybody's feeling. They should know it hurts so much.


Some people should stop being too sensitive about their feelings. This thing happened to me twice with different people today. And gosh if I ever did any wrong to any of you, I'm genuinely so sorry. It's like you hated me even since the first year. 

Well I can't expect everybody to like me right?


Today I went to the town. To buy a 'zebra' and 'sharpie'. The first place I went to is Riverside Market. But all of their stationary are out of stock. The second place I went to was G-Mart, but the same phenomenon also occurs there. I was so tired and I want to take a rest and I want to give up. But my Pa said that we should try to go to Sabindo Market. I actually said no at first but my dad convinced me to try first.

And luckily, (that was actually the luckiest thing to me that happened to me today, aside from frying the egg perfectly) there were a lot of sharpies there! And 'zebras' too! There were bunches of 'em. 

But whatever. It's just a bad day, not a bad life.

Pypaa. xoxo

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