You were hard to find,
Harder to leave behind.

I'll wait,
But not for long.
I'm not that strong.

You are not the only love I've ever known,
But you're the only one I've carved in my bones.
I never thought you would be the one I followed,
I never thought you'd be the kind to leave me hollow.

Don't listen to what they say.
I don't give myself away.

But you,
You led me astray,
Then cast me away.

And I did not love you first,
But I still feel so unrehearsed.
I keep trying,
But I can't find the words.

It was you who puts these thoughts into my head
In my head.

P/S: These beautiful words are lyrics to Ellie Fountain's 'Wait'. I'm just typing it here because the thing that the song describe is poignant yet so beautiful. 

the-girl-who-waited; but-no-one-comes. xoxoxoxo

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  1. I love it as well. I'm sad how it potrays she is just too hopeless now but the affections in beautiful.


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