KK Trip #1

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Sekarang (7.05 p.m.), genaplah 24 jam beta berada di rumah since the trip. One of the best thing that happened in my life so far. It was a long journey. Jauhnya biasa ja, sebab pigi KK memang selalu juga. But it feels different, sebab kali ni beta dengan kawan-kawan beta. Bukan cuma 8-10 orang, satu batch. Satu rombongan ke KK. And it does feel fantastic.

We bertolak since Jumaat, April 22, pada pukul 8.00 pagi. The first destination was Cocoa Boutique. I wasn't that enthusiastic sebab I'm not really a big fan of chocolate anymore. Tapi I still love it sometimes. On our way from Ranau to Cocoa Boutique, I surprisingly didn't sleep. I was sleepy, really really really sleepy, but when you're on a van, with your friends, with small tv, a bunches of music CDs, and a MICROPHONE, who could refuse to sing along? 

That was the best van ever xD Sebab I was with my friends, and the van driver was nice, plus he was the one who told us about the microphone *ceh*, and melayan kerenah kami yang macam budak-budak (eh bukan memang budak-budak kah teehee).

After more than 10 songs and about 2 hours after we bertolak, we finally arrived at Cocoa Boutique. We were a little bit late, but pihak kilang tersebut still menyambut kami dengan tangan terbuka and kindly. The abang Cina explain the process of making chocolates to us. I actually know a little much about chocolate making sebab I was a big fan of chocolate. Was. But not anymore. So of course I know which chocolate is healthier, the simple process. Tapi I don't know the detailed process.

And one more, they actually let us make our own chocolates and design our own chocolate biscuits. Not really make lah, we just pour the chocolates in our acuan, and then they freeze it. We need to pay lah, of course, but it's worth it. Sebab it was a new thing, and it was fun doing the thing with friends. 

And then, after taking pictures at the front door of Cocoa Boutique, we went to Masjid Bandaraya KK, sebab the boys need to solat Jumaat. We went with them. Since this is our first trip together yang jauh dari Ranau, we decided to do Solat Jamak dan Qasar only. We learnt that in form 2, and this topic adalah topic yang kami semua hentam dalam exam hahaha. So di sanalah kami semua pun berajar-ajaran niat.

But when we asked one makcik tua behind us about Solat Jamak, she thought it was solat jemaah. And when she said, "Oh, solat jemaah.." then my friend said, "tidak makcik, solat jamak." And then she said pula solat Jumaat lol. 

And so we just solat Jamak and Qasar after azan Zohor, while our other friends tersekat with that makcik sebab it turns out that that makcik didn't know about Jamak and Qasar dan she was still confused why we solat after the azan zohor since solat Jumaat berjemaah belum pun bermula. Waduh makcik kan aku juga ikutan confusenya.

Lepas tu, we went to Marina Court, tempat penginapan.

Di sana, satu lagi halangan when pihak mereka lambat menghantar kunci. We needed to wait about 1 hour? It was hot bah, itu KK bukan Ranau. Punya lama tu kami tunggu. And when the kunci sampai, rupa-rupanya when we booked, they thought yang we only book 1 house with 3 rooms, when we actually wanted to book 3 houses. Lol. So there it goes the waiting for the house again, tapi sabor jelah. The boys pulak sampai ja rumah, depan ada swimming pool apa lagi terus terjun. Huhuhuhuhu jealousnyaaaaaaa. Not fair lah.

And then after a few minutes, we got house! And it turns out to be on the 10th floor. Maka tiap hari daku menaiki lif, dan daku ini bukanlah pencinta lif, tidak.

The house was lengkap! Ada TV, astro, mesin basuh, refrigerator, tab mandi, gas, dapur, a good sofa. So bila menginjakkan kaki seja dalam rumah, all of my other friend were running to the rooms, while me, was running to the sofa and said, that that sofa was mine hahaha. So I literally chose the living room to be my bedroom for 2 nights. But it was fun sebab depan tv, bawah aircond, dekat suis. Strategik gilak bro.

And then after that we went to Centre Point for foods. And the foods were great, but expensive. I ordered mee goreng udang and it costs RM8.00 Y_Y But it did taste awesome. Really great tapi nda dapat habis sebab I got a hangover after using the lift.

Balik seja, I got into the bathroom and take a long shower. Sebab it was a long journey from Ranau. Sebab lepas tu, we'll go shopping at Centre Point. It was hella fun, of course. We almost went to K-BOXing that night tapi we needed to go back to Marina Court on 10.00 p.m.

I bought a buku rujukan and another Jodi Picoult's novel. The Tenth Circle. I was confused whether I should buy or not, sebab I only brought RM170 and I would lose RM70 to buy buku rujukan and the novel. But then I decided that I might not go to KK in the nearest time, so I bought. Pokai terus beb.

That was the first day. But everything is so fresh in my mind sebab I rindu KK gila-gila. I miss Marina Court, I miss CP, I miss my friends (we're together tapi not like when we were in KK), I miss the waitings, I miss the van, I miss Masjid Bandaraya huhuhuhuhuhuhu.

Pyps. xoxo


I Need A Motivation | Sunday's thought

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the days after that.
But I'm hoping, so hoping that everything will go smoothly. I would pray that please, no tears this week. Because I'm tired of crying every single week for the same reasons. I'm so freaking tired of that. 

For what may come, lets pray together. Lets pray that we will be happy in the end. Lets pray that we're making good choices. Lets not regret the mistakes too much, because past is past. 

For what may come, lets just be happy. Lets just be happy with the choices we made, because we were the one who made them. Lets cherish every single day with happy thoughts. Lets ignore the mouths that speak bad about us, and appreciate who compliments instead. Lets see the positivities instead of embracing the negativities.

For what may come, lets accept it. Lets accept the worst and be grateful for what we have. Lets learn from our mistakes, and not be afraid to make mistakes, because we'll learn pretty soon. Guys, we're not perfect. We're humans and we make mistakes every single day. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, mistakes are like tied up to us. We do sins and we repent. Repent before it's too late.

And hey guys, I love you. xoxo. Assalamualaikum and so long. May you have a great week!

Lots of love,
Pypaa. xoxo


I feel no feelings;

I don't feel much
I seem to feel very little
I wish I knew what to feel
How to react when someone tells me something

The only thing I do seem to feel is depression
I have to pretend when people tell me exciting news
It doesn't get to me I just feel nothing

I wish some one could pull me out of this
But no one listens
No one really cares

When ever I try to call out for help it doesn't work
I always spurt out a different issue
I just wish I could pour out all of my issues

Someday it will all come out of me
Someday I will finally scream all my issues
Maybe someday someone will see past my fake smile 

-lexi bowsman

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