Silly Things That Made Me Happy (An Ew Post)


#When 'dealova' played and you smiled.

I told this story before. I wanted to just copy the link where the post is and let all of you read it. But I guess I'll just write again because that moment was unbelievably one of the best times in my life. 

Wana and me was freaking out about the whole 'we can request songs' thingy during Jubli Perak. On the first day, we thought of requesting of 'All Of Me' because that was her favorite song (sebab dia suka lagu jiwang.). And then it berlanjutan beberapa hari until the last day. 

We were in class, revising for PT3. I was revising Pendidikan Islam's KBAT because I wasn't good in that. Meanwhile, Amy, Wana and my other friends were just hanging around, some of them also revising, some chatting, some eating. And then some nostalgic Indonesian songs like 'Kenangan Terindah', 'Sempurna' and more played straightly.

And I commented lah, 
"Memang mood Indonesian songs kah ni sekarang? Eh lama sudah ni tidak dengar. Rindu pulaks."

Amy said,
"Tulah tu, mungkin selepas ni dealova lagi."

I was literally stiffed by that comment since 'dealova' was a song I never listened to for years that I actually forget of it's existence, until Amy mentioned it.

And then, I suggested to Wana,
"Wana, mari request lagu dealova?"

And she agreed.
Memandangkan we had been planning on requesting songs since day one tapi tidak kesampaian, time on the way pergi request lagu 'dealova' tu memang excited gila. 

Lepas tu I found out that you were one of the DJs (kind of). Sebab Wana ni 'pemalu' orangnya, maka saya lah yang me-request lagu itewh.

And then we went back to class, 
menunggu sambil bercerita.

Almost ten songs passed, tapi 'dealova' didn't play.
I was quite disappointed and said, 

"Mungkin tu lagu tiada dalam simpanan kali."


Selepas another 2 songs,
I was confident that the song wasn't going to play. I started to do my work again. And then suddenly, the class went silent. There wasn't any song played. And I heard quite familiar sound. Tapi because I was already confident that 'dealova' isn't going to be played, I said that it wasn't sebab menurut pendengaran saya, intro dia terlalu panjang and different. But still, I walked towards the door to hear, sebab, who knows kan?

And then there it goes,
"Aku ingin menjadi..."

And I absent-mindedly screamed like a lil kiddo.
And ran outside.
Embarrassing, I know.

And then I looked at the DJs' desk, you looked upwards, and smiled. It was as if, you're happy that I'm happy.

When in fact, now when I think about it, you might look at her, because this is her fav song, or maybe she was also looking at you and both of you had eye contact. And you smiled, right? Hey that rhymed!

#When I woke up at 3.36 a.m. and looking at my WhatsApp contact to see when is your last seen and see you were actually online.

There was this night when I woke up at 3.36 a.m. and I was so refreshed. And so the first thing that came to my mind was to see if anybody's online in WhatsApp, just because. To see if there was anyone woke up all of the sudden like me.

So I scrolled.

And then I remembered you.

So I checked.

And you were online!

The LOL thing was, I just actually stare at my phone, not doing anything, and look at your status until you go offline. It lasted for about 5 minutes?

The reason this made me happy was because this kind of thing rarely happens, but this happened, to you and me. And I, foolishly think that maybe both of us jodoh kah apa kah (sebab saya budak yang kurang matang and banyak tengok drama).

#When you just look at me

This one, I'm not going to post it with details sebab if I cakap a little bit more, people would guess who you are.

That time, I was talking. To some kids. And then you just look at me while I talked. Even if it's normal. But you rarely look at me sooo. That made me a lil bit too happy.

#That time when you call my name, full name

Oh this made me happy because you called me with my full name, Afifah Nabila. But then after you said 'oh, kau pula Afifah Nabila' it made me a lil bit off.

And this honey, are the reasons why I should forget you. Sebab I am invisible, an immature child, nothing to you, you're too good, she's too nice, and I don't want to destroy your happy life.

So to you. Goodbye. Wish me luck and good luck with your life. Be happy.

Pyps. x


Movie Reviews: What If, Cocktail, You Are the Apple of my Eye & Very Good Girls.

Let me tell you something. Today, I was supposed to revise Physics and Chemistry. But knowing myself and just want to be myself after weeks feeling so numb, I literally watched 4 movies, included the movie I'm going to watch after this. I literally procrastinated AGAIN. 

Last year, my PT3 result turned out to be great, almost straight-As. But! I got a C. For my Science. It sucks, not because I got a C, I got a C because my efforts for Science was C. It sucks, because I'm actually threw into a science streamed class.

This week we got an exam. Until next week actually. I did good except for some subjects where I didn't have enough time to write essay or Biology.

I'm suck in Science.

And then I didn't follow my plan to study Physics and Chemistry, it was such a humongous mistake.

But if it's a mistake, why does it feels so good?

Answer: People are always attracted to the things that'll destroy them.

My exams was good, but I hope it'll get better.

And talking about today, I watched 4 movies for now, and is going to watch another one before I sleep.

The first movie was.... jeng jeng jeng....

What If.

At first I wasn't really interested in the movie you know. It was because the title. 
FYI, I watched trailers since last year to list the movies I'm going to watch before I die. And What If wasn't one of it. Whilst I was watching all the trailers, What If came across me a lot of time.

I used to love that phrase, it started when I watched Letters To Juliet. Since 2011, I guess? 

And then in the end of 2013, I still really love that phrase but I was kinda traumatic of the deep meanings behind that phrase. Might hurt anybody.

So when it came across me, I pretend that it wasn't all that interesting... until yesterday, when I searched for top teen movies. I watched the trailer and there was Daniel Radcliffe! That's all it needs to make me watch this movie, and also the storyline, of course.

It was a quite good, but not that good. It is quite cliche actually but lovable. 

Synopsis: Wallace, who is burned out from a string of failed relationships, forms an instant bond with Chantry, who lives with her longtime boyfriend. Together, they puzzle out what it means if your best friend is also the love of your life.

The main reason I watched this was because Daniel Radcliffe. I don't love this movie but I don't hate it either. It doesn't touch any part of my heart, it doesn't make me smile, or cry. Oh but I did feel nervous for Wallace when he wanted to confess to Chantry. And I did feel disappointed for Wallace when Chantry respond to his confession unfavorably. So I guess it is somehow a good movie.

Rating: 3/5.

The second movie is.......


I grew up with Bollywood, Hollywood, Thai movies, Filipino movies, and telenovelas. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was my anthem. Since I was a little kid, I always join my mother to watch Saturday TV3's 2.00 p.m. Bollywood movies. So I took a chance to watch this once, plus it casted Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan, the actor and the actress that I really loved. 

Synopsis: It starts with Meera that got married with a guy, and got tricked. It was only a fake marriage to get money. And then Veronica, a rich and party-all-night-type girl came and rescued her. Veronica let her stay at her house, without any fee. Soon they became best friend. 
  And then Gautam came. Gautam was a guy that pranked Meera at the airport. And then, Veronica got back to him, causing him to follow Meera and Veronica to the club. Since then, Gautam and Veronica have an open relationship.
  Here, Gautam's traditional mom came. She was worried for her son that always changing girlfriends but Gautam told her that he already has a girlfriend and she would love her. Suddenly, Gautam's mom came to Meera, Veronica and Gautam's house. Gautam's mom was furious about his bad behavior and Veronica that was just wearing a big shirt during the meantime. There, Gautam used Meera so that her mother won't be furious at him.

So, it wasn't cliche and it wasn't different either. It is something that able to makes me cry and laugh, so I guess that is a good thing. It teaches you that in order to save some of your relationships, you need to sacrifice some things, such as feelings. It makes us relearn that friendships are always the most important thing before love life.

I hate that the ending because I love Deepika Padukone but hey, at least she sacrificed her feeling for her best friends!

Rating: 3.8/5.


it was You Are The Apple Of My Eye.

I watched this movie because my one close friend told me the main actor resembles someone. So I literally watch it because to watch the main actor. But it turns out to be funny and good.
P/S: it contains a lot of adult jokes.

Synopsis: A group of close friends who attend a private school, and they all have a debilitating crush on the sunny star pupil, Shen Jiayi. The only member of the group who claims not to is Ke Jingteng, but he ends up love her as well.

At first, it was cliche. Bad boy with bad reputation. Good girl, a nerd, good grades, pretty and all boys love her. Teacher asked the bad boy to sit in front of the good girl and she helped him with his grades. And fell in love in the middle.

At first I thought,
"It was going to be this way. This boy studies hard and then he got good grade and he further his study with the good girl."

But no. It hits me when I realized that it was only halfway when I thought it ended. Starting there, it wasn't really cliche. And in the ending, you never  expect it to be that way! Highly recommended. I don't wanna spoil the plot too much, so go watch it :)

Rating: 4.5/5. Oh you know I love Asian movies :p

And the fourth,

Very Good Girls.

Synopsis: Best friends Lily (Fanning) and Gerri (Olsen), home for one last New York summer, make a pact to lose their virginity before leaving for college. But when they both fall for the same handsome artist (Holbrook) and Lily starts seeing him in secret, a lifelong friendship is tested.

THIS MOVIE IS FRUSTRATING. Lol I think I'm just exaggerating but at some parts in this movie, it just frustrates me so much, and the only thing I can do is roll my eyes (a lot of times) and sigh. I don't want to spoil it to you so you'll need to watch the movie. And I hate the ending. But I love Dakota Fanning, that's the main reason I thought this movie would make my night. Probably not. But however, it is worth watching. It gives me more reasons not to jump into conclusion so easily (but I'm a girl, what can I do).

Rating: 3/5. 

Sorry for the short reviews. I think I might just sleep. Ciao and assalamualaikum.

Afifah Nabila. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Berpijak di bumi yang nyata.

Hidup ini ironik.
Takkan terfahamkan.
Namun, satu yang perlu kita tahu;
Dan perlu kita faham,
Ialah kita tidak pernah akan faham,
Dan tidak perlu faham akan hidup kita.

Yang perlu kita faham ialah,
Hidup untuk Dia.

Dan satu yang kita perlu ingat.

Kau adalah kau.
Aku adalah aku.
Ya, ada mata, ada hidung, ada mulut.
Ya, hidup dan masih bernafas.
Ya, menghirup udara yang sama,
Berpijak di tanah yang sama.

Kita takkan pernah sama.
Kau takkan pernah faham aku.
Dan aku takkan pernah faham kau.
Dan kau tak perlu faham aku,
Sebab aku pun tak perlu faham kau.

Sekali lagi,
Hidup ini terlalu ironik.
Takkan terfahamkan.

Jalan yang kita ambil berbeza-beza.
Mahu kita berbeza.
Kau mahukan terang dan aku suka yang gelap.
Kau mahukan jalan yang lurus,
Aku selesa dengan jalan yang bengkang-bengkok.
Hidup kita berbeza.
Dugaan yang menimpa kita juga berbeza.
Kau dihujani batu.
Aku dihujani ais.

Manakan aku faham,
Rasanya dihempap batu,
Dan kau takkan faham,
Rasanya dibadai ais.

Hidup kita sendiri,
Kita tak faham.
Apa lagi hidup orang lain, kan?

Tapi, satu perlu kita faham.

Kita berbeza.
Hidup pun berbeza.
Sebab tu, istilah
"Aku faham kau sangat-sangat."
Tak wujud di bumi ini.

P/S: Not for certain person. It's for me and all of you.

Pyps. xoxo


2127: Short Entry

K-dramas are supposed to be avoided in this kind of time, especially when exam is around the corner. Lewls.

When I should be revising, doing my homeworks and studying,

Here I am, laughing at Hae Joon's and Hong Nan's lol-ness.

Procrastinating seems to be drug for me these days. Arghhhh. Help me. 

Pyps. xoxo

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