Silly Things That Made Me Happy (An Ew Post)


#When 'dealova' played and you smiled.

I told this story before. I wanted to just copy the link where the post is and let all of you read it. But I guess I'll just write again because that moment was unbelievably one of the best times in my life. 

Wana and me was freaking out about the whole 'we can request songs' thingy during Jubli Perak. On the first day, we thought of requesting of 'All Of Me' because that was her favorite song (sebab dia suka lagu jiwang.). And then it berlanjutan beberapa hari until the last day. 

We were in class, revising for PT3. I was revising Pendidikan Islam's KBAT because I wasn't good in that. Meanwhile, Amy, Wana and my other friends were just hanging around, some of them also revising, some chatting, some eating. And then some nostalgic Indonesian songs like 'Kenangan Terindah', 'Sempurna' and more played straightly.

And I commented lah, 
"Memang mood Indonesian songs kah ni sekarang? Eh lama sudah ni tidak dengar. Rindu pulaks."

Amy said,
"Tulah tu, mungkin selepas ni dealova lagi."

I was literally stiffed by that comment since 'dealova' was a song I never listened to for years that I actually forget of it's existence, until Amy mentioned it.

And then, I suggested to Wana,
"Wana, mari request lagu dealova?"

And she agreed.
Memandangkan we had been planning on requesting songs since day one tapi tidak kesampaian, time on the way pergi request lagu 'dealova' tu memang excited gila. 

Lepas tu I found out that you were one of the DJs (kind of). Sebab Wana ni 'pemalu' orangnya, maka saya lah yang me-request lagu itewh.

And then we went back to class, 
menunggu sambil bercerita.

Almost ten songs passed, tapi 'dealova' didn't play.
I was quite disappointed and said, 

"Mungkin tu lagu tiada dalam simpanan kali."


Selepas another 2 songs,
I was confident that the song wasn't going to play. I started to do my work again. And then suddenly, the class went silent. There wasn't any song played. And I heard quite familiar sound. Tapi because I was already confident that 'dealova' isn't going to be played, I said that it wasn't sebab menurut pendengaran saya, intro dia terlalu panjang and different. But still, I walked towards the door to hear, sebab, who knows kan?

And then there it goes,
"Aku ingin menjadi..."

And I absent-mindedly screamed like a lil kiddo.
And ran outside.
Embarrassing, I know.

And then I looked at the DJs' desk, you looked upwards, and smiled. It was as if, you're happy that I'm happy.

When in fact, now when I think about it, you might look at her, because this is her fav song, or maybe she was also looking at you and both of you had eye contact. And you smiled, right? Hey that rhymed!

#When I woke up at 3.36 a.m. and looking at my WhatsApp contact to see when is your last seen and see you were actually online.

There was this night when I woke up at 3.36 a.m. and I was so refreshed. And so the first thing that came to my mind was to see if anybody's online in WhatsApp, just because. To see if there was anyone woke up all of the sudden like me.

So I scrolled.

And then I remembered you.

So I checked.

And you were online!

The LOL thing was, I just actually stare at my phone, not doing anything, and look at your status until you go offline. It lasted for about 5 minutes?

The reason this made me happy was because this kind of thing rarely happens, but this happened, to you and me. And I, foolishly think that maybe both of us jodoh kah apa kah (sebab saya budak yang kurang matang and banyak tengok drama).

#When you just look at me

This one, I'm not going to post it with details sebab if I cakap a little bit more, people would guess who you are.

That time, I was talking. To some kids. And then you just look at me while I talked. Even if it's normal. But you rarely look at me sooo. That made me a lil bit too happy.

#That time when you call my name, full name

Oh this made me happy because you called me with my full name, Afifah Nabila. But then after you said 'oh, kau pula Afifah Nabila' it made me a lil bit off.

And this honey, are the reasons why I should forget you. Sebab I am invisible, an immature child, nothing to you, you're too good, she's too nice, and I don't want to destroy your happy life.

So to you. Goodbye. Wish me luck and good luck with your life. Be happy.

Pyps. x


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