Exam Result (urgh)

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Assalamualaikum and hi! Finally I get to update my blog after 5 days of waiting.

Today (June 18th) is the 13th day of Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. I hope all of us could make it until the 30th day with success in making this Ramadhan the best Ramadhan and the one that is mabrur.

Before the school week starts (June 12th) I decided to take a look at SAPS for my midterm exam. I know it would menurun, sebab the exam's questions weren't like the March exam's questions. This time, betul-betul ikut format SPM. It was quite a challenge sebab it was first time. Tangan pun kena kejutan cramp sebab I write too much (2 essays for English, 2 essays for BM, 1 essay for Bahasa Arab, KBAT questions). 

Memang menurun pun. But alhamdulillah, still in the same grade macam Ujian Mac. Probably sebab lepas tambah markah 'PHP'.

FYI, my school uses this one system that called 'PHP'. I forgot what's the full name. Every teacher will give us marks based on our keproaktifan, hadir/tidak hadir dalam kelas, kerja rumah and things like that. And that PHP marks will effect our exam marks as well. Kalau markah PHP tinggi, maka it will help our exam marks. Otherwise, it will ruin our exam marks. At first I don't like this system, but it's for our own good so I need to like it. And I liked it (sort of).

Actually, I don't think my PHP marks would be good, sebab my kerja rumah is always handed in later than the others and sometimes banyak salah Y_Y. But still alhamdulillah for my exam result.

Maybe that's all for today :) Thanks for reading!

Assalamualaikum and so long <3

Pyps. xoxo


  1. The PHP system kind of like merit in uni live. Teachers or lecturers control maybe 30-50% of our marks. I guess they applied it in school to improve students effectiveness in handling their homework & attendance. As long as u fulfill them then it shud be ok. at least u already cover 30-50% to passed in final exam. haha.

    ok fine, aku merepek. :p
    singgah n folo. me org sabah jua. haha.

    1. Thanks for the information! At least we're getting ready for the merit system in uni lah kan (seeing the positive side).

      Hai fellow sabahan :)


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