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Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Siapa sini yang have a tendency to stay up late? No matter lah what kind of reason pun, to watch your favorite series or movie, to read book, to study, to do the last minute revision, siapkan kerja rumah.. What ever. Sebab I'm one of those people. 

Apa lagi time cuti. That's why I have panda eyes and lately it's getting more worse. Not only just that, after the stay-up-late, in the morning I often feel too tired and too sleepy. I know that this isn't a healthy sleeping pattern but I really can't help it. 

Like last night. I was doing homeworks, Chemistry and History. And guess what time I got to sleep? 2.42 p.m.! Itu pun bukan lelap mata terus tidur. I have a sleeping problem. It took me a long time to fall asleep when I'm already in bed. And last night, or I should say last mor-night, the only kind of sleep that I got was tidur-tidur ayam. Really not satisfying considering the next morning I need to go to school. 

So, because I know that sleeping in the class isn't so good for my exam marks soon, (read: exam result, exam) I should really find a way to stay awake in class. And I actually found some tips and want to share them with you guys, in case we're in the same team. 

#1: Have a short nap beforehand /afterwards.

This is what I always do, but it doesn't always works for me since I'm not a fast sleeper. But it might work for you! Your brain needs a rest, your body needs a break. Take a 10-20 minutes nap before you start your stay-up-late session. I would recommend you to set an alarm to wake you up. Kalau you are that kind of people yang kalau alarm full volume pun tidak dengar kalau tidur, it's better if you have someone to wake you up. Tell them to just wet your face or do anything until you wake up (this is what I always tell my brothers. and also what my brothers tell me to do.)

If you're a very heavy sleeper, don't sleep beforehand. You might end up not finishing the work you're supposed to do during the stay-up-late session. So, whatever you're doing, try to finish it fast so that you can have a short nap afterwards. 

#2: DON'T have a heavy breakfast.

so so tempting. especially when you're fasting.

My Ma always say that eating nasi lemak will cause you to be sleepy. Sebab ia berlemak. 

Too much food would make you sleepy. Do you agree or disagree? For me, I do feel sleepy after eating a huge amount of food. When you just eat some heavy meal, it will cause a response sent to the brain that tells to slow down and focus on digesting rather than go out and seek more food (which means you'll get sleepy.) Okay I don't know if you understand this but yes, heavy breakfast would cause you to be sleepier than you are. So, don't have a heavy breakfast.

#3 Caffeine.

Caffeine isn't good for your health. When you're addicted to coffee, you're more likely to have a bad migraine if you don't drink it for even a day. Therefore, I really do not recommend this walaupun I always do this. However, if you only stay up late occasionally, then it's okay to drink coffee in the morning. It's okay if it's sekali-sekala, but not okay when you drink it everyday (my theory, correct me if I'm wrong.)

#4 Work in bright places

Bukanlah sini. But any bright places.
I don't know about you, tapi if I'm in a dark place, and I'm tired, it means 'time to sleep'. So I will totally be so sleepy and sleepier. Therefore, avoid working or doing anything in dark places and search for places that are bright. It is said that light has a powerful effect on your internal clock, and bright light can temporarily fake the body into thinking it's not yet time for bed. 

I hope this would somehow help you :) That's all for today.

Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum and bye. xo

Pyps. xoxo

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