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Assalamualaikum and hello :D

Actually I planned to do this post for a long, long time. Tapi just belum berkesempatan. And today, I made it! It is soooo hard to choose my top 5 because I have a lot of favorite youtubers. Youtube is probably one of my favorite websites in the world.

#1: Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger Evans 

This is two different channels, two different characters but only one person. 
I found Miranda Sings years ago and I wasn't interested in her sebab her profile picture was annoying - with the red lipstick smeared all over her lips and the annoying smile. 
And then, this year, entah angin apa yang menyerang, I decided to watch her videos. It was weird. Hahaha. Really weird. But I loved it! Because I know her videos were just some annoying jokes (which I like-I'm weird). 

Which leads me to Colleen Ballinger Evans (PsychoSoprano).

I searched Miranda Sings on google one day, and what I found was Colleen Evans, with a face that is so familiar. Peliklah rasa, sebab bila kau search orang lain, orang lain pula yang keluar. And then I ber-oh, ber-ah time baca wikipedia hehe. Rupa-rupanya Miranda Sings is just a character!

In her PsychoSoprano channel, she posts challenges, reactions, a little bit of diys and she sings too! And her voice is very nice. FYI, she's one of Ariana Grande's friends.

My favorite Miranda's videos: Reactions. Sebab Miranda's reaction is always funny.

My favorite Colleen's videos : Her storytime! And colleen's corner where she answers questions every Tuesday and Friday. And her 'emo diary' hehe. Andddd her wedding video.

P/s: If you get irritated by annoying people easily, please don't watch Miranda's videos.

#2 LaurDIY

Why I love her? Easy. I love DIYs. So when you love DIY and youtube in the same time, kemungkinan untuk anda bertemu dengan LaurDIY adalah sangat tinggi *cewah ayat gramatis. She posts a lot of DIYs videos -- room decor, gifts, clothes, and my fav is the school supplies. She posts vlogs, tips and some other things too!

Check her channel out here.

I can't choose my fav video of her sebab it's too many. But mostly, I love her DIY videos.

#3 Aspyn Ovard

She's 20, the 320th most popular person in youtube, and she's married (with her high school crush). Secara ringkasnya, she's pretty successful for a person her age. Very very inspiring. She creates beauty tutorials, DIY videos (I told you, I really love DIY), Outfits of The Weeks, and some random things too! She creates vlogs in her Aspyn + Parker channel.

And this is her main channel.

#4 MayBaby

She's so cute, isn't she? Trust me, she's way cuter in her videos. She posts a lot of things - 10 things ... , routines, what girls do when they ... , DIYs (again) and a lot of other stuffs.

I love her what girls do .. series! The things she stated were so relateable.

See her videos here! :)

#5 Gadis TV

Kak Meen - Yasmin Redzuan a.k.a. princessmeenie

Hanisa Hasan - in the Hani&Zue duo.

Diandra Arjunaidi - singer songwriter.

Tita Zainal - new vlogger.

Dari dulu, memang I was a fan of Hani&Zue and Kak Meen. They're so inspiring! So when they create a channel together, I was so excited to see what they're going to post hehe. They post random stuffs, from covers, short film, and my fav - the bebel show. 

If you're interested, here is their channel :)

So, that's all for today :) Feel free to check out their channels and tell me what you think about them! 

Assalamualaikum and bye. xo


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  1. OMG! Are you cereal? I love Miranda too. yah gang!

    1. Yeay ada gang! :D Miranda is annoyingly funny haha

  2. mula2 dulu tak tau pasal aspyn tapi lpas tgk dia dalam collaboration video dgn eva kalau tak silap trus fall in love dgn aspyn. she is really prettyyyyyy


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