July Favorite Playlist

Assalamualaikum and hello guys.

These days, I find myself getting bored easily by the new released music. Even if the song is to my liking, I would probably get bored by the music after 2-3 weeks. And sometimes after days. 

These songs that included in here are not just for this week, but also for the past months. I don't think I would ever be bored by these songs.

#1: The Script's songs.

Danny Y_Y
I don't know about you but The Script's songs are my fav. And they are my fav band. Most of their songs are so sad and I don't usually love sad songs but theirs. There are some songs that I find 'sedih+hopeless' and weirdly, funny such as 'the man who can't be moved', 'breakeven' sebab he really is the man who can't be moved. Their songs chill me walaupun I'm supposed to cry when I listened to them (sometimes I do).

Recommended songs:

-The Man Who Can't Be Moved
-No Good In Goodbye
-Man On A Wire

Senang cerita, just subscribe to their channel :)

#2 James Taylor - Fire And Rain

This song was released in 1970 (my Ma's birth year). The first time I found this song was somewhere when I researched about Taylor Swift months ago. Taylor Swift loves this song and used to sing to it when she was a child, that's all I can remember. And her mom named her after James Taylor. It was in an interview, so I was curious about this song that Taylor loves so I searched it in Youtube. And I loved it!

I've always love acoustics and old songs, maybe that's why. The old songs' lyrics are always more meaningful and tell a lot of stories. 

#3 Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again, Naturally

This song brings me back to my childhood (zaman tadika+primary school) everytime I listen to it. Sebab during my childhood, this song is often played in the car, and the only line I remember was "alone again, naturally." After years I didn't hear this song played, I began to forget it.

Until I watched Love, Rosie.

This song was one of the soundtracks in the movie and when it was played, it brings back memories.
This was released in 1972.

I guess that's all for today :) I'm going to pack my things sebab esok mau balik kampung yay!

Assalamualaikum and bye :) xo

Pyps. xoxo


  1. im about to write this post jugak lah! hiks. the script best!

    1. setuju! the script's songs memang best-best :)


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