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Just now I was watching Shane Dawson's videos, and since he's one of my favorite youtubers, so I think why not I just share my top fav youtubers to you guys? But hey, I did that post once upon a time, so should I make the second top 5 fav youtubers? Yes, and since the first post only consists 5 female youtubers, so this time I'll do the top 5 fav male youtubers๐Ÿ˜

#1: Shane Dawson

I love Shane! The first time I saw his video was when I watched his collaboration with Colleen, which is also one of my fav people in the whole world. Why do I love his videos? He's funny, original, somehow inspiring, and I just love the way he reacts to everything in his videos. Oh and we share something in common, which is, our love for foods! He loves foods as much as I do, I don't have any reason to resist the temptation of watching his videos while eating hew hew.

I love all of his videos, but my personal favorites are conspiracy theories videos and foods reaction (of course). Check his videos out here!

#2: Joey Graceffa

Truth be told, I also know him from one of Miranda's videos. He's one of Miranda's baes besides Tyler Oakley, Ricky Dillon and some others lol. One day, when I was still a new Mirfanda, I intentionally watched her video collaboration with Joey, her bae whose last name she couldn't pronounce. In the video, I found Joey very funny, so I watched his videos in his channel. Turned out, he is a great, positive, kind and soft-hearted person and I really admire his personality. Hence, I subscribed to him and my life had never been the same since.

He usually posts random videos so I just watch everything. My personal favorite is of course, his collab with Miranda, but hey that's out of the options. So I choose my second personal favorite, which is him trying out new things and challenges! They are so so so fun to watch. You should go see his channel!

#3: Jack Baran

Finally, a person who isn't related to Miranda! He first showed up on my youtube suggestion when I was searching for music that I never heard before. And he made videos of music I've never heard before and since my love for music isn't so light, so I love everyone who suggests me a good music! Let's be honest, I don't love every songs in his playlist but majority of them are really great! Most of them are towards indie-ish music and before I listened to the songs in his videos, I'm not quite a fan of indie music. But now, indie songs are occupying my Spotify playlist hew hew.

He also posts random stuff such as challenges, some storytimes, and more. But my personal favorites are of course, his playlist&fav songs we never heard before videos. Maybe you'll love him too, go check his channel out!

#4: Ricky Dillon

Ricky!!!!! Another Miranda's bae lol. I don't think I need to tell you the first time I saw his videos hew hew. Actually, the first time I watched his video, it was his own video, not a video collab with Miranda. I love how straight-forward he is. Okay, Shane is straight-forward too, but Ricky's straight-forwardness is what I love the most about him and makes me never want to miss any of his videos. Other than that, he's also a fun person to watch.

I don't have personal favorites for his videos. He posts random type of videos in his channel and I can't choose which one is my fav ๐Ÿ˜• So you should check his videos out in his channel!

#5: Connor Franta

Once upon a time, I was binge watching a lot of youtube videos and he was in the suggestion. And I unintentionally clicked on his video when I actually wanted to click another video. But I guess that was a fate I need to really be thankful of because if it wasn't for the unintentional click, I'll never found his channel. He is a great person, just like my other fav youtubers but he is so real. The others are real too but from him I started to open my eyes and mind wider and see that everyone is also a human just like me.

I love all of his videos but I love the videos where he talks about life/world/random things the most. Watching his videos might be a life-changing decision for you too, go watch his videos if you are interested! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

This post makes me want to go to youtube right now to binge watch all the videos I missed these past weeks. But I just realized that my eyes are begging me to sleep and rest hew hew so maybe next time. Btw, who are your favorite male youtubers? Leave some comments in comment section down below! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Pyps. xxxxooooooxoxoxo

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  1. connor franta is my number one. he's the first ever youtuber that i've watched and is still my favourite :D

    1. His videos are really fun to watch! And I'm looking forward for his book too :)

  2. Connor Franta is my fav too asdfghjkl. I spent over 100 ringgit just to buy his book and it is worth it

    1. I only bought the e-book version of the book tho, still saving money to buy a copy sebab so expensive T__T Tambah lagi dengan nilai currency sekarang ni huhu


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