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May 13, 2017

Hello guys :) I'm supposed to study right now, seriously. I have 3 papers for exam tomorrow and I haven't prepare, at all. I planned to use today for revising EVERYTHING, but then cramps happen and I could not get up from my bed. I couldn't even smile, guys. I was avoiding to take painkillers, but in the end, I decided that it was okay to take it for now. Now is emergency. The pain left already (please don't come again) but I can't help myself from writing a new post (I have 5 posts in my draft, by the way).

I already wrote 2 posts regarding my favorite youtubers, 1 post includes my favorite female youtubers and the other one includes my favorite male youtubers. They are still my favorite youtubers of all time, but since the post, I found and fell in love with a lot of other youtubers, and I can't see them not being included in my favorite youtubers posts. Hence this post.

Conan Gray (lifestyle, music, vlogs)

Conan is an 18 years-old youtuber and he started youtube since 2013. He lives in Texas and he loves thrift-shopping. He is also a hardworking and a very artsy person. He is authentic, and I absolutely adore him for that. He vlogs, he write songs and sings really good and posts random videos that are really fun to watch and aesthetically inspiring πŸ˜†πŸ™ŒπŸ™†

I mentioned him in my Quick March Outro post but I still think he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He is so adorable, his videos are aesthetically pleasing, and don't even get me started with his songs. He has been inspiring me for a while now, since my little brother introduced me to him, back in December 2016. Bless my brother. He introduced me to Conan because I love Troye Sivan, and he said that people often compare Conan to Troye. My brother also loves Conan's hairstyle (my brother loves hairstyle that is way cooler than his). Although I can see some similarities between the two people (Conan and Troye), they are still very different people. Both of them are amazing and inspiring, of course, but in my opinion, they are not as similar as how people are saying they are.

nothing in the fridge (music)

"Name's Bandit! I'm a shipless pirate/sad high schooler who spent a fortune on pretty instruments."

She is awesome as a person and singer. She's a really good singer. And again, her videos are aesthetically pleasing. They are beautiful and often makes me feel so so so emotional. The first time I discovered her, was when I watch her cover of Oceans - Seafret. I also think that she doesn't get the recognition she deserves. Her songs and covers deserve more love! Check her covers out, guys! You won't be disappointed. Her genre is more to indie, groovy style that I'm currently in love, so if you're looking for that kind of music, I promise that you'll love her πŸ’ž

Hailey In Bookland (booktube)

I know that this should be included in another kind of post, but I'm afraid I won't have time to write a post regarding my favorite booktubers after this. I'm literally stealing time I shouldn't steal right now. So, I decided to just combine all my current favorite youtubers and booktubers in this post. Maybe I'll post a post specifically for my favorite booktubers one day, but not now.

I don't remember where I get the idea to start watching Hailey's videos, maybe it was recommended on youtube or in some blog posts I don't remember anymore. If youtube recommended her to me, thank you. If another blog post recommended her, thank you. My reading challenge won't make any progress by now if it weren't because of her videos, bless Hailey for that. She's a really good book reviewer, and by now I have 80% of the books she recommended in ebook! My love for reading has been growing so well since I watched her bookish videosπŸ’•

krist & yu (lifestyle, how-to, vlogs)

Like Conan, Krist's videos are aesthetically pleasing and she herself is a very inspiring person. Conan loved her videos and I couldn't help but be curious about Krist's videos. So, I decided to watch her videos and I loved them so much. She posted a lot of how-to videos, such as how to love yourself, how to be a morning person and a lot other more. I love the how-to videos so much. She also post health and vegan videos, which I adore. I'm not a vegan, but I love finding ways to stay healthy. You'll love her videos, you'll love her, I swear. If you love Conan, you'll love her, because Conan loves her 😁

emmmabooks (booktube)

A 20 years-old booktuber which I couldn't help but like. Her bookish videos are so alive, and whenever she recommends a book, you'll be truly convinced to read it. She's also a Shadowhunter, which is awesome! I'm planning on reading Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters Chronicle when I finally have a time to binge-read the series. Emma doesn't only do book reviews and book recommendations, she also does fantastic discussion videos in her channel. I always find them interesting and well put together. She definitely thinks outside the box and puts a lot of effort into creating quality videos πŸ’“

I guess that's all from me this time. I need to study or else... lets not start talking about the or else. See you laterπŸ˜„

Pypaa. xoxo

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