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Jelitawan OSIZAL (JELO) 2017 graduation photo❤
When SPM ended, it meant that I'm officially a secondary school graduate, right? Does that mean I already graduated, or I will only graduate when the SPM result is known? Whatever, whatever, no matter what, I hereby declare that I'm no longer a secondary school student. I am a free, unemployed happy girl (not that I wasn't happy before).

Um, hello people! It's been a long time. I kind of forget how it felt to blog, and my brain is still slow in producing ideas when I write, so please bear with this post.

When I meet people I know these days, the first question they ask me will be how was SPM?

My answer is: SPM was great. The key is always revising. If you did revision in all topics or at least pay attention in classes, then no matter how hard the question is, you will somehow get an idea on how to answer the questions. Even the Bahasa Sanskrit question in Sejarah too, which was an unexpected question (note to future SPM candidates: DO. NOT. TRUST. RAMALAN. QUESTIONS). SPM also taught us to always prepare for the unexpected because there are some questions that we're not prepared for such as Biology Paper 3, which required us to make our own experiments. SPM was great, I did the best I could, and although my confidence is really on the lowest point right now, I hope it will turn out great. 

The graduation day was a week before SPM and I bet you that we already predicted what SPM would do to us but we were blind to the signs.
It has been 4 days since the last day I met my friends, and I already miss them. My brain is slow in translating my feelings; during the last day I was with them, I didn't even cry. However, when I saw them posting pictures on Instagram, I teared up a bit. Maybe a lot. I didn't sob but I did cry. When I once said that there's nothing I'll miss about school, I totally lied. What will I miss the most about school?

5 Muslim of course πŸ’• I miss the class already. I miss our class teacher, Miss Suseyltah. And I miss these weirdos too (look at how they pose, look me in the eye and say they're not weird at all. their poses showed who they truly are). I'm thankful for all the times we had, good and bad. I'll miss breaking 'the stair rules' with the other girls.
PRS family πŸ’– I have been one of this family for almost 5 years and I succeeded in going through ups and downs with this family. For that, I'm thankful. PRS will always have a special place in my heart and I'll always be one of them, no matter where I am.
I was not in this picture. Only the Economy stream students were in this picture, and I can't find any other decent OSIZAL picture in my storage, so I chose this picture. I'll miss my batchmates, OSIZAL too. For all the good and bad things we've gone through since we were form 1, I am proud of where we are now. Congratulations, OSIZAL, for everything. I'll always love you guys (especially JELO. our picture is up there).
My crush is a great human being Nope. Not going there. Never. 

Enough with the appreciation speeches. So, moving on to the answer of the next obvious question: What will you do after SPM? Will you work, or what?

1. I will learn to drive and have my license. Truth is, by the time this post is uploaded, I'm at the driving academy already. My Ma is very fast, you know. She figured that next year, she might need a driver for my brothers to go to school. I'm quite nervous right now when I'm writing this because I don't know what to expect for tomorrow. I hope it'll go well.

Ma said my face looks excited. I'm not, I'm nervous.
2. I will find work. My teacher offered me a work as penjaga koperasi next year and I'm not sure if I want to be one, because I don't want to meet people at school, and be at the school πŸ˜… I'm going to find another job, but if I can't find one, penjaga koperasi it is.

3. Read a lot of books. Self explanatory. 

So, that's how my post-SPM phase is currently going. Since SPM already ended for me, and will officially end soon, I hope that all SPM candidates stop stressing about the result too much. Enjoy the holiday, and do some things that will help you in the future. Do something beneficial during the holiday, but please have a lot of rest too. Keep praying for the best, never stop praying and put your trust in fate (so easy to say but it's so hard to do).

No one knows what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain, our journey's not over.
- Plio (Dinosaur, 2000)

P.S. What are/were the things that you'll do/you had done during the post-SPM phase? Mind sharing?

Afifah Nabila. xo

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  1. Welcome back on blogosphere and happy holiday :)

  2. enjoy your freedom!! I regret not find a job during my post-SPM phase

    1. thank you! :D I really hope I can find a job, sitting at home doing nothing seems boring to me hehe

  3. tahniah sbb dah berjaya habiskan SPM. goodluck on your next phase okay.

    jmput join n meriahkan segmen GA kt blog akak

  4. Congrats on finishing your SPM. Enjoy the sweet time :)

  5. comelnya korang semua! tahniah dah tamat sekolah, mesti rindu dgn kawan2 nanti :D
    all the best!

    1. sekarang pun dah start rindu dah haha. thank you! :)

  6. congrats and welcome back!
    reading ur post make me miss those times (in school) hahahhaha
    all the best for getting driving license and job too.

    dulu lepas spm (tunggu result/tunggu sambung study), cari kerja and spend time ngan kawan je plan. sebab bila dah sambung study/kerja, jarang sangat dah nak lepak sesama macam dulu T^T

    1. surely I will miss school and my friends too T.T sekarang tak dapat nak lepak dgn kawan sebab diorang semua busy dengan family business. maybe later. thank you for the wish :)

  7. may i know whats your school name? anyway congrats for being able to go thru the spm phase! haha im sitting for spm next year and after spm i'd surely qada all my sleep time, watch kdramas and get a job to earn some money while waiting for my results i guess?

    1. my school is SMK Agama Mohammad Ali Ranau. thank you, I'm so grateful that I got through the phase :) all the best for your upcoming school year and spm!

  8. Mudanya Afifah :)

    Dulu lepas SPM, akak terus cari kerja sebab nak beli phone. Hahaha. Boring lagipun duduk rumah je. Dan yes, lesen memandu kena ambil awal2. Nanti dah sambung belajar, senang nak jalan2. Eh? Hee

    Akak follow sini :)

    1. thanks follow kak siqah :) haah memang boring duduk kat rumah je. lagipun nak save duit banyak benda nak beli hehe.

  9. OMG. I cried reading this post. All of you are the best friends I ever have in this world. Mine here can't be compared to all of you.

    1. Aww amy pls don't cry. We miss you, you can never be replaced so no one compares to you too. xo


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